LILLY Neutral Mix - 6 x 1KG

Stock Code: HOR013A Packaging: 6 x 1KG

Product Description

The LILLY are a flavourless base products, ready to be used at cool temperatures, in the preparation of fresh cream-based confectionery such as Bavaroise, mousse, ice-cream cakes, 'panna cotta' etc. The LILLY are extremely easy to use and guarantees unbeatable levels of high quality. No more lengthy initial preparations such as the weighing out of individual ingredients; consistent high quality; appetising taste and look; possibility of using numerous flavourings. Furthermore, specialities made using LILLY remain practically unaltered by freezing or cutting. LILLY NEUTRAL can be used as stabilizer of the fresh cream adding 50g/liter before whipping; it is advisable to reduce the dose of sugar of 20g/liter.

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