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We cover everything from milkshake mixes and toppings all the way to gelato and machines. Our wider business network gives us support from across the world but its important to us that we never lose our local touch.

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Who we are

The seeds of what was to become Gortrush Trading today were sown over 50 years ago in a Co. Fermanagh village by one man and an oil van. The entrepreneurial spirit of Vincent Howe was to make the Howe family name and Gortrush Trading a staple part of the ice cream industry in Ireland.

An enthusiastic 19 year old Vincent Howe spotted an advertisement in the Impartial Reporter Newspaper looking for agents for Walls Ice Cream, this was 1966. A few months later he realised that this was the business for him!

In 1968, after building his own ice cream van, the North West of Ireland got its very first Mr Whippy. 9 years later Vincent had four ice cream vans on the road covering Fermanagh, Strabane, Dungannon and Omagh.

In 1994 Vincent decided to swap cones for its better half; whipped ice cream. And so Gortrush Trading was born, distributing whipped ice cream mix and everything else that an ice cream van would need (machinery included) all around Ireland and breaking into the UK market. Out with the old and in with the new was the name of the game. New name, new products and even a new Howe!

Kieran (Vincent’s oldest son) took over the reins at Gortrush Trading in 2006. Since then has established Gortrush Trading as a market leader not only in ice cream, but also in snack foods. Always the first port of call for ice cream mobilers, Gortrush Trading now supply to ice cream parlours, convenience stores, forecourts, cinemas and other retail outlets across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the UK

What we do

How we can help

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Know how

You don’t spend as much time in desserts as us without learning a thing or two and we can't wait to share this knowledge with you

Recipes & Flavours

As well as our own site kitchen we also have our own gelato chef and technical team to help you develop recipes, new flavours and bring the best to your business


We have an expert sales staff and phoneline so you can get the support you need at the right time


We have worked hard at securing our own delivery routes so you can always get goods when you need them