Apple Pie Flavour - 8oz


Stock Code: WADD002A Packaging: 8oz

Product Description

Our top of the class flavouring extracts have been formulated for best use with Whoopee! Ice Cream, Soft Serve Frozen Yoghurt, Slush, Milkshake and Hurricane Drinks. Each bottle has 170 portions. - Blend with Whoopee! Soft Serve Ice Cream or Yoghurt either directly in a Whoopee! Tub or use the Flavour 24 Machine to recreate a flavoured cone - With no need for multiple soft serve machines. - Blend with Whoopee! All in One Shake Base for a flavoured shake. - Blend with Sluskies Neutral Slush Concentrate for a flavoured Slush Drink. - Blend with 50% Shake and 50% Slush for a super Hurricane Drink.

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