Welcome to our Whoopee! Flavours parlour! Born out of a love and passion for creating delicious ice cream treats combining the finest 100% Real Dairy ice cream, the most exquisite Italian chocolate creams and flavours and other more traditional�Topping. Be prepared to be seduced!��

Choose from our menu or use your imagination to create your own dessert using our wide selection of toppings, customers can get their just desserts!

At the core of our menu is our Real Dairy Ice Cream and with this as our a base we have added a list of tempting inclusions so suit young and old..

Everybody loves ice cream especially when it is this much fun. Watch as your choice of chocolate bar gets turned into a thick creamy milkshake or your favourite soft serve ice cream gets blended with your selection of toppings. Of course, if you are fond of tradition there is always the dreamy moment of goodness found in a soft creamy 99 combined with the crunch of a fresh wafer cone.