We have been supplying happiness for generations...because everyone needs a treat.

Soft Serve

Soft Serve

Happiness is only a lick away with our delicious dairy Whoopee soft serve ice cream. Or try our refreshing frozen yoghurt. Enjoy your Whoopee in a cup or cone and don’t forget the toppings!

Ice Cream Delicacy


Fancy some authentic Italian gelato? We can bring the taste of Italy to you with our Italian partners in excellence, IRCA. For all kinds of ice cream creations and desserts, IRCA's premium products will add that luxury that you have been looking for.

Flavours 24

Flavours 24

Ice cream, milkshake and slush all available in everybody’s favourite flavour in an instant! Can't decide between a shake and slush? Try a blast of both in one of our exclusive Hurricane's. Flavours24 give you endless choice to create the perfect treat just the way you like it.

Slush Shakes

Slush & Shakes

Refreshingly good slush drinks with just the right kick of flavour. Try our sugar-free fruit juice Sluskies for one of your five a day…yes really! Or give in to treat temptation with one of our deluxe creamy milkshakes.

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